Festive Season at Amanjiwo

20 DECEMBER 2017 TO 4 JANUARY 2018

Immerse yourself fully in the fascinating history, culture and spirituality of Java this festive season. Amanjiwo invites guests to experience seasonal traditions encompassing food, dance and crafts, all set against an iconic backdrop of emerald rice paddies and sacred Borobudur


Morning Yoga, Crafts, Lectures, tours...

Awaken your chakras with morning yoga between the Banyan trees. Gain an insight into village life with a cultural village tour. Delve deep into Java’s history with our resident anthropologist, or try your hand at traditional Javanese crafts

20 DECEMBER 2017 TO 4 JANUARY 2018


Christmas Eve

Children are invited to decorate gingerbread houses in the afternoon, made by Amanjiwo’s own pastry chef. A string quartet will play traditional Christmas songs from 5.00-6.00pm. Then, guests can enjoy authentic local cuisine in the Main Dining Room, as a Borobudur dance troupe stage a lively performance

24 DECEMBER 2017


Children's Dance Performance

This village dance is traditional of Javanese culture, depicting a group of horsemen riding horses made from woven bamboo and decorated with colourful paints and cloth. Join us in the main Rotunda after breakfast

25 DECEMBER 2017


Visit to Borobudur

No visit to Amanjiwo would be complete without a tour of Candi Borobudur, the Eighth Wonder of the Orient and one of humanity's most imposing creations. Witnessing this on Christmas Day makes the spectacle even more magical

25 DECEMBER 2017


Dining on Christmas Day

Embrace Indonesian culture on Christmas Day with classical Javanese dances. This revered visualisation of the island’s history compliments the ancestral dishes still sought by Javanese royalty and served during our Kwali dinner

25 DECEMBER 2017


Biking in Central Java

December is rice planting season, and brings with it unique vistas of the landscape. There are many routes suitable for all levels of riders–ensure you pack a camera to capture the vivid scenery



Try your hand at the art of painting Batik using bees wax on cloth, an ancient Javanese tradition. Join us at the main Rotunda

26 DECEMBER 2017


BBQ Night at the main dining restaurant

Celebrate Christmas with a decadent al fresco barbeque overlooking the eighth century Buddhist temple, Borobudur. Our chefs, well-versed in both Western and Indonesian specialities, will be on-hand to prepare classic dishes and future favourites

29 JANUARY 2017


Ramanyana Dinner

Prepare for an evening of traditional dance, music and cuisine. The scene is set with rose petals and candles, the atmosphere perfumed with sandalwood incense. An enchanting dance performance is accompanied by our Royal Javanese Feast, inspired by dishes served at the Kraton, the Sultan’s palace in Yogyakarta

28 DECEMBER 2017


New Year's Eve

Welcome the New Year with a gala dinner at the Main Dining Room, accompanied by traditional entertainers. Then join us at the Pool Club after dinner for dessert, drinks, and an electric firework display from the nearby Borobudur temple​

31 DECEMBER 2017


New Year's Day

Experience the charm and vibrancy of Java’s local food scene as we invite some of the region’s most renowned street vendors to practice their crafts at the Main Dining area. During dinner, a series of dances deeply rooted in Java’s history will be staged by a local dance troupe from Borobudur

1 JANUARY 2018

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