Earth Surface People

Eli Secody, a Navajo Native American, brings the dazzling charm and contemporary storytelling of the Navajo people to Amangiri.

Surrounded by thousands of square miles of untouched scenery, Amangiri neighbours the largest Native American reservation in the US. Among the passionate team of Navajo artists working with Amangiri is Eli Secody, who highlights the harmonious living of the Navajo people with this region, its wildlife and the Earth. 



Framing the surrounding dunes, plateaus and mountain ridges, the Suites and the Home embrace the area's raw aesthetic

At the resort


The large desert-view spa focuses on restoring hózhó, which means beauty, harmony, balance and health in Navajo


Serving local seasonal produce, the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Dining Room look out on desert vistas


Amangiri’s majestic, intimate setting and host of venues are perfectly suited to a variety of celebrations both large and small

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