Mindfulness & Stress Management

Amanemu allows guests to make time for slowness, stillness and recalibration. This Immersion is designed to guide participants towards inner peace, equipping them with the skills necessary to reduce stress and anxiety in everyday life, sending them home happier, calmer and more centred. 


Amanemu Wellness Amanemu Wellness Amanemu Wellness

Daily programme

Beginning with an in-depth consultation to develop an individually optimised programme of therapy and nutrition, the Immersion’s daily itinerary incorporates Japanese mindfulness practices such as zazen meditation and the traditional tea ceremony, alongside physical therapies including shiatsu massage, acupuncture and aquatic body work. Through a combination of private sessions and group activities, participants work to release the tension built up in joints and muscles, allowing both body and mind to achieve a profound feeling of rest and relaxation. 

Sample itinerary


Optional morning wellness class (pilates or yoga)  


Healthy juice or tonic tea  


Personalised breakfast 


Wellness movement session (Pilates, Qi Gong, meditation, yoga, Pranayama, personal fitness training) 


Personalised lunch  


Wellness therapy session (Reiki, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture) or another movement session  


Spa treatment (aqua bodywork, deep-tissue massage, Grounding massage)  


Personalised dinner  

Sample Inclusions

  • Full board (nutritionally optimised breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • 60-minute wellness consultation on arrival
  • Daily 60/90-minute personalised spa treatment
  • 2–3 private specialist therapy sessions per day
  • Daily group movement classes
  • Prescribed herbal teas twice a day
  • 30-minute departure consultation
  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice
  • Return airport transfers

More Wellness Paths

Wellness Concierge 

Aman’s Wellness Concierges connect with you before your arrival to explain the different wellness choices available. Over the phone or email, these health professionals answer all your questions, ensuring you choose a pathway that delivers your desired outcomes. 
To speak to our Wellness Concierge team, please contact: 
Email: [email protected] 

Tel: 0120 951 124 * (Japan) 
Tel: 800 852 6690 * (Singapore) 
Tel: 183 3892 0200 * (USA) 
Tel: 0808 101 3377 * (United Kingdom) 
Tel: +1 754 216 7820 (tolls apply)