Festive Season at Amanemu

From 23 December 2017 to 1 January 2018

Celebrate the festive season at Amanemu this year in a tranquil and serene setting. Join us to embrace a host of culinary and cultural customs that will connect you to the wonders of Japanese life, and inspire your imagination for the year ahead


Special Christmas Set Dinner at The Restaurant

Executive chef Masanobu Inaba will present a traditional festive feast crafted from local ingredients. Japanese beef, fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables will be followed by an irresistible Christmas dessert by our pastry chef, Takahiro Oue

23 - 25 DECEMBER 2017


Complimentary Toshikoshi Soba at the Bar

Join in with the Japanese tradition of Toshikoshi soba (soba noodles) on Omisoka (New Year’s Eve) to wish for a long lasting life. They are served at the bar from 9pm until midnight

31 DECEMBER 2017


Countdown at the Bar

There are many Japanese customs to commemorate Oshougatsu (New Year). Celebrate the Gantan (first day of the year) after the countdown with a glass of champagne at the Bar

31 DECEMBER 2017



Join Amanemu staff as they pound glutinous rice to make traditional New Year’s Mochi (rice cakes) and offer prayers for a wonderful year

1 JANUARY 2018



Executive chef Masanobu Inaba prepares tiered boxes filled with special food for the New Year called Osechi. Each item in the Osechi has a significant meaning, mainly to wish for wellbeing. It comes with a special sake, Otoso; and Ozouni, similar to miso soup

1-2 JANUARY 2018

Special Requests

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