Autumn Experiences at Amanemu

Autumn experiences

Amanemu Wellness

In the heart of Ise Shima National Park, the change in season is marked by nature’s transformation – when the landscape shifts from deep green to a wash of gold. To celebrate the arrival of autumn in this spectacular setting, Amanemu introduces several new experiences tailored to showcase the best of the time of year, from culinary discoveries in the great outdoors, to wellness immersions to renew and reset. 

Dining experiences

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Ise Lobster Kaiseki menu

To discover Ise Shima’s culinary culture, the tasting of delicious fresh seafood from the Mie Prefecture is a must. While throughout the summer months fishing is prohibited to aid replenishment, from 1 October the year’s fishing begins and in Hamajima, near Amanemu, lobster caught on the first day of fishing are dedicated to the Ise Jingu Shrine. To celebrate this ritual, throughout October Amanemu’s head chef will prepare a special menu, using freshly caught Ise Lobster to create a range of unique dishes. Available in the resort’s restaurant, the Ise Lobster Kaiseki Menu offers a taste of the season and an insight into the region’s gastronomy.  

Nakiribushi (Katsuobushi) and Ise Jingu

The Daiocho Nakiri district where around a 40-minute drive from Amanemu has become famous across Japan for its production of katsuobushi – a type of smoked and fermented skipjack tuna made from the freshly caught bonito fish. The smoking technique – a tradition that has been passed down for almost 400 years - uses the thinned wood of the ubamegashi oak tree, found in the nearby mountains and on the site of Amanemu. Here, guests can hear stories about this age-old process before tasting the katsuobushi first-hand with a delicious rice dish cooked in dashi and served in authentic clay pots.

Tsuki Villa private barbecue

Overlooking its own verdant garden, the Tsuki Villa is Amanemu’s newest accommodation, having opened in April 2020. As summer turns to autumn, guests are invited to make the most of the temperate weather with a private barbecue in the villa’s expansive outdoor space. Away from the resort and offering an exclusive place to reconnect with loved ones or celebrate a special occasion, guests can enjoy sumptuous local produce – including Ise Shima seafood and Matsusaka beef – cooked over fire, with Amanemu’s team on hand to cater to every need. 

Private garden picnic 

To take advantage of the best views of Ago Bay and its calm waters, Amanemu invites guests to enjoy a private garden picnic. Under clear blue autumn skies, indulge in a picnic box freshly prepared by Amanemu’s chefs, which a choice of delicious sandwiches, salads, soups and fresh fruit, cheeses and cured meats served with a invigorating orchard juice.  

Featured wellness experience

Yojo retreat

Refine the art of living with a two-night escape at Amanemu to put into action your own personalised wellness program of daily Yakuyu (herbal baths), onsen, personalised meals and spa treatments after a comprehensive wellness assessment at Aman Tokyo. The latter will include a thorough Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation, body assessment and nutritional guidance, to help you achieve your wellness goals. Yojo is the Japanese concept of nourishing life. Where better to do this than in the pristine natural setting and healing waters of Amanemu.