Carnival at Aman Venice

Celebrate the magic of Venice Carnival with Aman

Returning in 2020

Be captivated by the beauty and energy of Venice as it comes alive for Carnival. For over a fortnight, dramatic soirées, elaborate costumes and vibrant celebrations illuminate the city. Sinuous streets and canals set the backdrop for resplendently dressed revellers as they emerge and fade into the Delphic fog. Experience the enchanting atmosphere with Aman’s guides, who will regale you with tales of history as you tour key locations.


Explore the City

Wander through winding streets for a visual feast. Linger in iconic settings, such as Caffè Florian, and hear costumed party-goers tell tales of their nightly adventures


Guided Tours

Uncover the mystery of Carnival as you take a tour by boat or on foot to the most intriguing places in Venice. Glide down the Grand Canal, or stop at Devil’s Bridge to hear a tale of rakish lore. A personal guide will shine a light on the history of the Carnival, peppered with unusual facts


The Flight of the Angel 

A traditional event dating back to the Serenissima period, attend the Flight of the Angel on 24 February - a spectacular flight from the Bell Tower to the stage in San Marco square 


A celebration of Carnival at Aman Venice

On Friday, 1 March, Aman Venice will host an intimate dinner, representing a shared celebration of life and a homage to Venice's annual Carnival. Guests are invited to begin the evening with aperitivo accompanied by live music from Jamie Cullum, before enjoying a Palazzo Dinner. 

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The Festa delle Marie at Piazza San Marco evokes a ceremony of old 

Evoking the homage that the Venetian Doge offered each year to twelve Venetian girls, offering them magnificent jewels as a bridal dowry, the walking parade will begin at San Pietro di Castello, before making its way to Piazza San Marco


Seasonal Brunch

Each Sunday the canal-side garden plays host to a seasonal brunch. As the day's become more crisp, Sunday brunch will be served in the warmth of the First Noble floor

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