Festive Gifts at Aman Tokyo

"Le Paris Brest de Noel" Christmas Cake

1 - 25 December

Inspired by the Classic French pastry, Paris Brest, Aman Tokyo’s patisserie will be offering a Christmas Cake made with softly baked choux pastry in a colourful wreath design. With a bitter chocolate custard, smooth buttercream and fragrant Sicilian pistachios, La Patisserie’s Le Paris Brest de Noel is elegantly decorated and packed with festive flavours including raspberry, apricot and hazelnut. The cake is available in two sizes and makes for a wonderful centrepiece for any seasonal celebration.

Small cake (12cm): JPY7,020
Large cake (15cm): JPY8,640

(Includes consumption tax)

Festive Stollen

1 - 25 December

A traditional German fruit bread filled with nuts, spices and dried or candied fruit, stollen is the ultimate Christmas treat – its powdered sugar coating like a dusting of White Christmas snow. Aman Tokyo is offering two decadent Stollens this festive season, both available in two different sizes. The Plain Stollen is anything but, featuring almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as dried oranges, figs and prunes soaked in liqueur. The Chocolate and Chestnut Stollen surprises with a bitter cocoa twist and is finished with a sweet powdering of brown sugar.

Small JPY1,944 Large JPY4,104​

Chocolate & chestnut:
​Small JPY2,160    Large JPY4,320  

(Includes consumption tax)

Aman Tokyo Festive hamper box 2021 Aman Tokyo Festive hamper bag 2021

1 - 25 December

Aman Tokyo Christmas Gift Bag

The ideal grab-and-go gift for loved ones and colleagues alike, the Christmas Gift Bag contains an original Aman coffee tumbler and kōbako boxes filled with homemade Plain Stollen, gingerbread biscuits and other festive goodies. A tag attached to the bag means your gift-wrapping requirements are non-existent. 

Aman Tokyo Christmas Gift Box

The perfect present for tea drinkers and those with a sweet tooth, the Christmas Gift Box comprises a number of beautifully packaged kōbako boxes, inspired by Japan’s delicate incense containers. Inside each you’ll discover a delectable Plain Stollen, exclusive Ronnefeldt Earl Grey Tea, delicious gingerbread cookies and other sweet treats. 

Aman Tokyo Christmas Gift Bag 
JPY 7,150

Aman Tokyo Christmas Gift Box
JPY 7,776

(Includes consumption tax)

Aman Tokyo Spa Bath Gift Set

1-25 DECEMBER 2021

Give the gift of luxurious time out this Christmas with Aman Tokyo’s Spa Bath Gift Sets that contain products from the all-natural Aman Skincare and accessory ranges.

Nourishing Gift Set: Helps to ease the mind and restore a sense of joy
•    Nourishing Candle
•    Nourishing Coconut Milk Bath
•    Nourishing Jade Scrub & Soak

Purifying Gift Set: Helps to cleanse the body, stimulate circulation and focus the mind
•    Purifying Candle
•    Purifying Auric Cleanse Bath Salts
•    Purifying Quartz Scrub & Soak

JPY 43,000 

(Includes consumption tax)