Kyoto Charm Rediscovery campaign

Kyoto Charm Rediscovery Travel Project

Aman Kyoto is accepting reservations for Kyoto citizen with "Kyoto Charm Rediscovery Travel Project" sponsored by Kyoto Prefecture. A maximum of JPY 5,000 per person per night “Accommodation Coupon” and a maximum of JPY 2,000 per person per night "Kyoto Support Coupon" will be provided. Please take this opportunity to enjoy a trip and experience the charm of Kyoto.

Period: From stays booked after 28 March 2022 to reservation checking out on 29 April 2022.

Target audience: Kyoto citizens

Reservation: Aman Kyoto official website, reservation by phone (075-496-1334) or email ([email protected])


Identity verification documents

Upon check-in, please present an identification (driver's license, health insurance card, Individual Number Card, residence card etc.) which proves that are a Kyoto citizen (required for all guests). Please note that the discount will not be applied if you are unable to show your certificate or if you live in an area outside of the promotional area.

Vaccine / Test confirmation documents
Please present one of the following.

  • Two weeks have passed since your 2nd vaccination (certificate of vaccination, etc.)
  •  Have undergone a PCR test, etc. 3 days before staying or travelling (test result notification, etc.)

The discount will be applied only if all the guests are confirmed to be negative in the vaccination history or PCR test. Please note that discount will not be applied if you are unable to present this document. *Children under the age of 12 are not required if accompanied by a guardian living together

As a standard procedure, we ask for your cooperation in taking basic precaution measures and the 3rd vaccination as much as possible.

Inquiries / Reservations
Aman Kyoto 075-496-1334 (accommodation reservation)