Autumn Experiences at Aman Kyoto

Autumn Experiences

Respecting, experiencing, and understanding the traditional culture, history, environment, and lifestyle of the land is at the heart of Aman's philosophy. At Aman Kyoto, a range of new, exclusive seasonal experiences invite guests to discover the fabric of the region’s unique identity. 

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Aman Kyoto Tea Set


To commemorate the resort’s third anniversary this autumn, guests will be able to purchase one of ten limited edition Aman Kyoto Original Tea Sets produced by Mr Dairiku Amae, a tea master who presides over Kyoto’s Totosha tea house. On sale from 11:00am on 1 November, each set contains everything required to hold a traditional yet refined ceremony, including a tea bowl, teaspoon, whisk, tea bag bowl, tea caddy, water bowl, matcha green tea and an Amna Kyoto water bottle. 

A ritualistic process dating back to the 9th century, the tea ceremony serves as a simple pathway to mindfulness, providing a moment away from the hustle and bustle of daily routine. The Aman Kyoto Original Tea Set encapsulates the tranquil forest gardens and the slow pace of life at the resort. Designed and created by Mr Amae and the young craftsmen of Kyoto, it offers a portable escape, ideal for gathering with friends or for a moment’s self-care. 

Inspired by the secret garden, the tea bowl has been glazed by ceramic artist, Shiro Shimizu, grandson of Uichi Shimizu, one of the foremost Kyoto-based artists of his time. Baked in a kiln in Shiga, the rich earthy colour of the bowl has a rustic appearance and is cocooned in a shifuku bag, dyed using maple leaves and water from the resort’s very own gardens. 

Describing the set, Mr Amae said, “The fresh green of the matcha green tea is reminiscent of a tea plantation while the sound of hot water being poured into the teacup, and the warmth felt when the bowl is wrapped in the palm of your hand have a mediative effect, awakening all the senses. By using the delicate tea utensils, memories that lie dormant in the tea ceremony come to life, while the final taste invites further reflection.

The Aman Kyoto Original Tea Set is priced at 330,000 Yen

On sale from 11:00am on 1 November

Limited edition with 10 sets available 

To enquire, please call +8175-496-1333

To enquire, please call +8175-496-1333

Outdoor experiences

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Sounds of the Shinobue

Our understanding of different cultures is led by our senses, whether the taste of authentic cuisine or the scent of a place – from fresh pine forest to sweet cherry blossom. At Aman Kyoto, the opportunity to further one’s understanding can be found at the Sounds of the Shinobue event - a homage to the Japanese bamboo flute that dates back to ancient times. On 11 and 18 November 2022, internationally renowned Shinobue player and composer, Kazuya Sato, will serenade guests from the terrace of The Living Pavilion, creating a connection between oneself and the beautiful natural surroundings. 

Helicopter journeys

Experience Kyoto and its many temples, shrines and gardens from the air with a 15–25-minute personalised helicopter tour. Take off just a few minutes’ drive from the resort, where the golden Kinkaku-ji temple will appear below you almost immediately. As you fly over the Kamigamo Shrine, marvel at the beauty of this ancient capital, the ancient Shinto sanctuary on the banks of the Kamo River, Lake Biwa and the impeccably preserved ward of Higashiyama on the lower slopes of Kyoto’s eastern mountain.

Dining experiences

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A Touch of Rimpa 

Around 400 years ago in the early Edo period, artist Hon'ami Koetsu settled in the Takagamine district in Kyoto - where Aman Kyoto stands today. The artistic beginnings of Takagamine later created a new style of art called Rinpa, which has since influenced artists around the world. From 1 November to 31 December, Aman Kyoto offers afternoon tea that pays homage to the creativity of this style, served in the resort’s elegant Living Pavilion. 

Crab Kaiseki

While the summer months allow the waters of the Sanin and Hokuriku regions to replenish, on 6 November, crab fishing is permitted once more. To make the most of this seasonal specialty, Taka-an will offer a 10-course Crab Kaiseki menu from Tuesday 8 November, which showcases the snow crab for a true taste of winter. 

Garden Tea Experience

Develop a newfound appreciation for the great outdoors with Aman Kyoto’s Garden Tea Experience. Held on 3 and 5 November 2022, guests can venture to a quiet corner of the resort’s renowned secret garden and enjoy a reflective tea ceremony surrounded by the calm-inducing greenery of the forest floor. A ritualistic and ceremonious process, the preparation of the green tea encourages stillness, inviting guests to come together, switching off from the outside world and being present in the moment.