Truffle Cheese Fondue

1 November 2021 - end of February 2022

Inspired by the traditional dish enjoyed in the Southern Alps of Switzerland and France, The Living Pavilion by Aman has brought together a rich blend of three cheeses – Gruyère, Emmental and Raclette – from Shiga Yamada Farm to create an indulgent cheese fondue this autumn season.

Topped with an abundance of truffle, the fondue can be enjoyed from 1 November with colourful Kyoto-grown vegetables such as Shogoin radish and Kintoki carrots, alongside sausages and rustic Levain bread as part of the resort’s seasonal menu. Served in individual caquelon’s, the traditional cooking vessel for this dish, the truffle cheese fondue can also be paired with tagliatelle pasta to offer guests an even richer culinary experience.

  • Lunch ¥15,000 per person
  • Dinner ¥22,000 per person


*Including tax and service charge