Art of Strawberry

Until 30 April

The big bright red strawberries that catch the eye are delicate candy crafts that have been carefully finished at our pastry. When you open the lid, fresh strawberries from Shigeru Kamiga, Kyoto, will appear, and you will see a series of soft condensed milk espuma, sweet and sour strawberry compote, and soft and light Genoise. A luxurious parfait with eight flavors, including the elegantly sweet Wasanbon cream and white chocolate corn flakes with a crispy texture accented with yuzu jelly and jam. Please enjoy this seasonal "Strawberry Art of Strawberry" waiting for spring.

  • ¥ 5,313 (Inclusive of service charge and tax)

* Select your reservation time from 3pm or 3.30pm 
* Also available as an additional dessert