Afternoon Tea

Aman Kyoto, Japan - Afternoon Tea, Spring

Until 30 June

Celebrate the fresh spirit of spring and the sense of rejuvenation it brings with a delicious afternoon tea at Aman Kyoto. As the surrounding forest glows an iridescent green in the early summer sunshine, snack on delectable confections such as matcha mizu manju, cherry-like chocolates and green pea Mont Blanc. Savoury treats include decadent foie gras and mango monaka, as well as Hamon Serrano torta. More than 20 kinds of tea are available, and a freshly prepared matcha is the finishing touch.

  • Weekdays                                   ¥ 8,602 
  • Weekends and holidays          ¥ 9,488 with a glass of sparkling wine 

*Inclusive of consumption tax and service charge