Festive at Aman-i-Khas

2019 Festive Season at Aman-i-Khas

Be welcomed into a warm and festive atmosphere this December at Aman-i-Khas. Our exclusive programme of events has been designed to enlighten and inspire your mind with a unique insight into authentic cultural experiences and traditions 


Bangle Making

Discover the ancient Indian art of bangle making, with tutorials from local craftsman Ram babu and his family, who are part of the Lakhera Tribe. The vibrant, rainbow-hued accessories are traditionally sold during the festive season

17 - 31 DECEMBER 2019


Marwari Horse Talk

Learn about Marwari Horses with a talk from mr. Vikram Singh Chauhan, founder of Maa Asapura Farm. These horses are revered for their loyal companionship and their contributions in war

23 DECEMBER 2019


Christmas Eve

A small group of musicians will perform using unusually shaped and pleasant-sounding local instruments, keeping you entertained while chef Santosh and his kitchen team prepare a gourmet journey, where your Batman will serve a “Khas Khana” – a special dinner.

24 DECEMBER 2019


Christmas Day

Guests are invited to start the day with Christmas Day Mass, just a short drive away in the middle of the town. This is followed by a Picnic Barbeque Lunch from midday - a perfect way to spend a winter afternoon in the company of nature

25 DECEMBER 2019


Block Printing at Dastkar

Join the women from the villages to practice the art of block printing: an industry set up by the Ranthambhore Foundation in 1989 to utilise the unique talents of displaced villagers

29 DECEMBER 2019


New Year's Eve

Celebrate the arrival of 2020 by tying a traditional Rajasthani turban for gentlemen, or “churn" headscarves for the ladies, followed by a puppet show

31 DECEMBER 2019


Tiger talk

Meet Mr. Daulat Singh, an ex-forest officer and renowned tiger expert, who will be recalling stories around the fireplace of his experiences in the wild and on expeditions to rescue wild striped cats. He will be easy to identify as he will be wearing sunglasses, due to an injury in the jungle a few years ago. Ask him about the story and he will be happy to tell you the details.

1 JANUARY 2010

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