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Some stories open your mind, shift your perspective, and change how you think. Aman Camps exist to bring such tales to life. On the campsite, life slows down and everything feels fresh and free. Living without walls amid the theatre of nature, we discover new, extraordinary things about the world and our place within it.

Camp Sarika

Open air, new horizons

Step out into deserted landscapes, relax into transformative journeys where social distancing comes naturally and privacy is unrivalled. Climb the via ferrata in Utah, head out on safari in India, or see Indonesia’s underwater marvels. These are the places where time lasts longer and every moment leaves a legacy. Venture out of the ordinary – it’s time to shape those stories you’ll share over and over again.



Camp Sarika by Amangiri, Utah, USA

Simplicity and solitude. Adventure and discovery. Amid 600 acres of mesas, slot canyons and ancient rocks, Camp Sarika appears like a mirage in the Utah desert. Although close to Amangiri (and offering access to all the facilities and dining options of the resort), it feels truly set apart from the everyday world – an isolated and deeply private enclave designed to immerse its guests in the drama and spectacle of an ancient landscape. Encircling a lounge, restaurant and main pool, 10 canvas pavilions are spread widely across the camp, each with their own pool, telescope for stargazing, and firepit for sharing s’mores and stories under the moonlit sky.

Tent Exterior, Camp Sarika, Amangiri, USA Aerial View, Camp Sarika, Amangiri, USA Camp Sarika

Four days in the desert

Camp Sarika invites the intrepid to discover this extraordinary landscape with a four-day itinerary that makes the most of the perspective-broadening adventure, spellbinding scenery and spiritual heritage of the region.

Day 1

A day of guided hiking and rock climbing in the desert and mountains ends beside the campfire, admiring the stars.

Day 2

The morning sees guests arrive on the 2,000-mile shoreline of Lake Powell – the vast reservoir renowned for its otherworldly beauty – to explore its rugged banks and hidden bays by stand-up paddleboard, kayak or boat.

Day 3

The third day immerses guests in the heritage and culture of the Navajo Nation, with a guided tour of Monument Valley Tribal Park, a Navajo tasting menu, and ritual dancing and storytelling by the fire.

Day 4

Leave the camp refreshed in body and mind, care of a butte-top yoga session high above the desert floor, and a Grounding journey in the Aman Spa.


Aman-i-Khas, Ranthambore, India

Once a royal hunting ground, now the kingdom of Rajasthan’s Bengal tigers, Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest and most important wildlife reserves in northern India. On its forest edge, 10 tented suites – each six metres tall – form the safari camp of Aman-I-Khas, combing the grandeur of the Mughal era with the freedom of being fully immersed in nature. Expert guides – all natural born storytellers – lead open-top expeditions into the park twice a day, and nearby, ancient hill forts and the rural villages of the Aravalli Hills offer enriching glimpses of culture ancient and modern.

Aman-i-Khas Gallery Aman-i-khas, India- Accommodation, Experience, Tent, Service, In-room dining Aman-i-Khas Gallery

Four days in the wild

A visit to Aman-I-Khas can be eye-opening and soul-soothing in equal measure – an opportunity to slow down and reconnect while discovering the wonder of the wild. A four-day stay offers an introduction to the myriad treasures of Ranthambore and the Aravelli Hills.

Day 1

Spy leopards, jackals, sambar deer and hundreds of colourful bird species on a guided safari in Ranthambore. The highlight is the chance to glimpse one or more of the 60 Bengal tigers that make their territories in the park.

Day 2

The second day is devoted to restoration and tranquillity in the Aman-I-Khas spa tent, with an Ayurvedic Poornvandana massage to soothe the body and boost circulation, and an aromatherapeutic bath prepared with herbs from the camp’s organic garden.

Day 3

This mountainous region is dotted with ancient hill forts, built by Rajput kings from the 5th century onwards – discover some of the most magnificent on a guided day trip.

Day 4

Devote the final day to discovering the wonders of Rajasthani cuisine, with a secluded picnic beside the lake and a personal cookery class with the camp’s chef.


Amanwana, Moyo Island, Indonesia

There are few camps more remote than Amanwana – just 12 tents spread along the jungle shores of Moyo, a far-flung private island on the Indonesian archipelago. With no other human habitation, privacy is unparalleled. It is truly an island of one’s own. The golden sands give way to the impossible azure of the Flores Sea, rich in marine biodiversity and a treasure trove for divers. Inland, its 32,000 jungle hectares are protected from human influence – and the native rusa deer are a regular sight, wandering freely through the camp. On the shoreline, beneath the trees, a sheet of canvas separates each Aman traveller from the sounds of the wild and a sky of infinite stars.

Deer Outside Jungle Tent - Amanwana, Moyo Island, Indonesia Beach Hammock, Ocean Tent - Amanwana, Moyo Island, Indonesia Amanwana, Indonesia - Tent, Sea Views

Four days by the sea

To camp at Amanwana is to step outside the normal world and into a natural Eden. A four-night stay affords opportunities to discover the island’s abundant natural treasures, from the depths of the sea to the heights of the mountains inland.

Day 1

Visit the camp’s dive centre to gear up for an undersea adventure (and gain PADI certification), and discover a rainbow realm of sea turtles and ornate corals, spotted rays and parrotfish.

Day 2

Follow the trails through the tropical forest to a spring-fed waterfall at the heart of the island, and swim in the limestone pools. Or, cut through the emerald jungle to explore secret caves, where rare wildlife including monitor lizards and pythons make their home.

Day 3

Following a day of relaxation, take dinner early and, after sunset, step aboard the traditional wooden outrigger Aman X1V, for a starlight cruise a short distance beyond the bay. Engines off, adrift in silence, beneath a mesmerising canopy of stars.

Day 4

Join Amanwana’s seasoned fishermen for a traditional bottom-fishing experience in the afternoon, then enjoy cocktail at canapés at Sunset Point, before dining on your catch, expertly prepared by the chef.

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