Guest Chef Series

Amanzoe - Dining, Library

At this time of year, from September onwards, Greece’s countryside comes to life, with flourishing olive groves and vineyards appearing in full colour. For those wishing to experience the season first-hand, Amanzoe introduces a new pop-up restaurant series, hosting acclaimed guest chefs who have shaped Greek gastronomy. Presenting progressive, creative and unique menus based on the heritage of Greek cuisine, the chefs will mix traditional and modern techniques, discussing the conception of each dish with the guests for an interactive experience. Guests can choose to accompany each dish with Greek wine, while enjoying the elegant atmosphere of the library setting. 

Where east meets west with Felix Eppisser

Saturday 4 September 2021

Born in Switzerland, Felix Eppisser has had an exceptional career in both fine dining and hospitality. A member of Académie Bocuse d’Or, his experience includes working for several luxury brands and high-profile clients, and management of the outstanding Banjaran Hotspring Retreat in Western Malaysia. Today, his highly acclaimed Myanmar-based restaurant, SEEDS showcases a contemporary cumulation of this experience which he brings to Amanzoe with a one-off menu inspired colour, texture and spice, and combining Asian flavours with European techniques. 

Amanzoe guest chef series Amanzoe guest chef series

A celebration of classics with Konstantina Faklari

Saturday 9 October 2021

From the emblematic, Moon to one of Athens most sought-after hangouts, The Zillers, Konstantina Faklari’s experience in Greece’s most iconic restaurants makes her one of the country’s most well-known chefs. Having grown up in Vervena, Arcadia, some of her earliest memories are of her father baking olive bread, her mother creating pumpkin pies and her grandparents in the garden picking homegrown vegetables. This culinary heritage is what inspires Konstantina, whose approach to cooking today is to exude nostalgia and promote and develop Greek cuisine. The chef’s menu at Amanzoe will echo these sentiments, presenting a fresh twist on some of the region’s favourite dishes.  

Amanzoe guest chef series Amanzoe guest chef series

Artisanal inspiration with Dimitrios Dimitriadis

Saturday 16 October 2021

One of the most renowned chefs in Greece, Dimitris Dimitriadis was born and raised in Larissa, where his career choice and passion for food was heavily influenced by his grandparents who were farmers. After finishing school, he began training at the Hotel Management & Culinary School of Rhodes and has since worked as Head Chef in numerous Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe.  He now works as Head Chef at Artisanal in Athens, a modern garden restaurant characterised by its distinct Mediterranean style with clear references to modern Greek cuisine. Bringing his expertise to Amanzoe, the evening’s menu will showcase techniques from across the continent with a stylish and contemporary feel.