SEEK Camps

Amanyara plays host to the next generation of scientists this year, with a series of camps for enquiring young minds, held in association with the world-renowned Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Named SEEK camps (Science Explorers and Environmental Keepers), the daily activity programmes are designed by expert educators to cultivate enthusiasm for the environment and to nurture a passion for conservation.

Featuring immersive hands-on activities and expeditions, each camp runs age-tailored activities for 5–10 and 11–14 year-olds, and centres on three distinct themes: coastal conservation, reef rescue and sun, moon and stars. 

Amanyara Amanyara Amanyara

Coastal conservation

This theme will take a deeper look into the precious mangroves, sand dunes and marine life that call coastlines home. Young explorers will learn key conservation efforts and ways in which to help make a change. Activities will include kayaking or hiking through the mangroves, building a coastline model, participating in a mangrove nursery scavenger hunt and a microscopic look at sand and plants.

Reef rescue

The pristine reefs of Northwest Point Marina National Park are some of the region’s most diverse - a vibrant underwater wonderland running parallel to Amanyara’s secluded beach. Children will dive into the science of corals and other marine life located right off Amanyara, including turtles, rays and fish. Activities will include snorkeling or kayaking, building a coral reef and developing a unique ‘Save the Reef ’ campaign that celebrates biodiversity.

Sun, moon and stars

Young explorers at Amanyara need only look upward to the starlit skies to witness the beauty of the cosmos. Frost Science Educators will explain the interesting properties of the sun and moon before launching into the science of the stars. Children will learn how to use light to search for life on other planets as well as hear fascinating stories about the constellations. Activities will include night-time stargazing, constellation mapping, spectroscopy and creating moon models.