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Venues that combine natural beauty, architectural finesse, impeccable service and a sense of history unfolding are rare. Those in close proximity to a global city such as Shanghai, with a story of ancient stones and transported trees, are unique. A singular destination, Amanyangyun is an incomparable venue for the most exclusive of events, offering an exquisite setting for every occasion.

Designed by the award-winning Kerry Hill Architects and surrounded by an ancient camphor forest – a living reminder of the past – Amanyangyun is a fitting witness to life’s big moments as they are played out and celebrated. Whether intimate or grand, Amanyangyun ensures that every ceremony, blessing, reception and celebratory meal is truly distinctive and memorable for everyone in attendance.

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The central lawn area is an auspicious setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies. At its heart stands the Emperor Tree – a remarkable symbol of longevity and endurance. Next to this ancient giant is a well relocated from the same region. The stone carvings on the well bear four Chinese characters: ‘Ri Yue Gong Tong’ – a reference to the harmony between Sun (Yin) and Moon (Yang). After exchanging their vows under the Emperor Tree with Nan Shufang as a dramatic backdrop, couples can nourish the tree with water from the well, a symbolic act reflecting their dedication to nurturing their relationship into the future.


Home to an impressive array of dining venues and ancient private villas, Amanyangyun can cater to events of all sizes, from majestic private banquets to candlelit, floating dinners for two. As well as its three restaurants and two bars, Amanyangyun offers a magnificent ballroom, two wooden boats adrift on the lake, an IMAX Cinema and the extensive cultural centre known as Nan Shufangn with its private rooms perfect for traditional tea ceremonies – ideal for those hosting multi-day events. The resort’s expansive Aman Spa can also host a variety of wellness-themed events, including corporate lunches and afternoon teas combined with treatments or bathing rituals.

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