Dive Centre

Amanwana Bay is a pristine marine reserve with a variety of dive sites that are as remote as they are beautiful. Intricate technicolour reefs, deep sea walls and coral cays boast a remarkable diversity of marine life – including puffer fish, blue spotted rays, sea turtles and the occasional shark, dolphin and whale. The Dive Centre is led by a team with vast local knowledge. 

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An array of marine life to discover 

Led by an experienced instructor, explore the reefs at your own pace whilst being guided to the best spots for underwater exploration. See the underwater landscape from a completely different perspective with night diving, where the reefs’ micro interactions are in the spotlight.  

Stay down longer and get back in the water sooner. Diving with enriched air or Nitrox extends your no decompression limits and allows you to spend more time under water. 

Unrivalled location for PADI certifications 

Beginners and experienced divers alike marvel at the Flores Sea’s incredible marine life. Local PADI instructors offer tuition to divers of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to experts. Guests can extend certification levels with speciality courses in deep diving, underwater photography, buoyancy and more. 

Daily snorkelling excursions 

Known for its rich diversity and colourful coral reefs, the Flores Sea offers wonderful snorkelling. Jump aboard one of our boats for an unforgettable snorkelling experience. Whether a first timer or an expert in the water, our team can guide you around this untouched underwater paradise. 

Featured Experience

Diving at Amanwana

Dive daily from Amanwana at a wealth of sites in the Flores Sea and enjoy full-board, massages, sunset cruises and more with a five-, seven- or 14-night stay.