Amankora Gangtey Lodge

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All stays include

  • Flight reservations and visa processing assistance
  • Airport transfers to/ from Paro Airport to Amankora Paro/ Amankora Thimphu
  • Personalised itinerary planning
  • All meals (breakfast and 3-course lunch and dinner)
  • Picnics en route to other Amankora Lodges
  • In-house beverages including house wines and spirits
  • WiFi access and laundry


  • Spa facilities include two massage rooms and changing areas
  • The Dining Room features large family-style dining tables and floor-to ceiling windows
  • A library features books on Buddhism, local folklore, textiles and the Himalayas
  • Donate a meal to the monks, join them for evening or morning prayers, or experience a spiritual cleansing ritual
  • Experience a candlelit hot stone bath; a sliding bamboo door reveals a panorama of the valley
  • Enjoy a Bhutanese meal in a candlelit potato hut, warmed by a bukhari stove and accompanied by folk music and song

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