Amanjena and your wellbeing

True to the spirit of Aman, the safety and wellbeing of our communities has always been a priority.  With caution around COVID-19, we follow government mandates to keep the expectations and comfort of guests and staff at the forefront of everything we do.

While Amanjena continues to deliver professional, personalised, genuine and compassionate service, we are aware that we need to continually evaluate, update, and where necessary innovate, our current standards of excellence. We hope the following instils confidence that the wellbeing of Amanjena guests and employees is a primary focus. 

Due to new governmental regulations which came into effect on January 7 2023, only fully vaccinated travellers are permitted to enter Morocco, with a vaccine pass required upon entry. Travellers who have been to China in the past seven days, regardless of nationality, will not be permitted entry into Morocco. In addition, visitors over 6 years of age will also be required to show a negative PCR test result taken no less than 48 hours before arrival. Venues such as shopping malls, restaurants and cafes now also require a valid Covid vaccine pass to be presented upon entry. 


Guest Arrival 

  • Vehicles are equipped with a separation shield between driver and guests and are sanitised thoroughly before and after each transfer
  • A maximum of two guests per vehicle is observed and as precaution guests will travel solely in the back seats
  • Non-contact thermometers are used to test each guest’s temperature on arrival. 
  • Car windows remain open a few minutes at the beginning of the 20-minute journey and air-conditioning turned off
  • On arrival, the external part of a guest’s luggage will be disinfected, should guests agree to it
  • Paper collateral to be replaced by a digital version of the compendium information and loaded on a QR code will be also available for the guests use and will include information on our cultural and outdoor experiences, Spa Menu and Private Dining Menus
  • Welcome amenities are delivered to the rooms only once guests have checked in to the hotel


Housekeeping (Public Areas)

  • Sanitiser liquids are available in all public areas and are re-filled throughout the day
  • The thorough cleaning of public areas takes place every two hours with a focus on all high touch areas
  • Air-conditioning filters in Dining Room, Spa and Library are disinfected on a regular basis


Housekeeping (Guestrooms)

  • All occupied rooms are sanitised daily with focus on all specific touch points within the full room perimeter
  • To avoid cross contamination, cleaning equipment (sponges, cloths and similar) is changed for every room
  • Rooms attendants wear adequate personal protective equipment (shoe covers, mask, and gloves) while servicing the rooms
  • Air-conditioning filters are disinfected after each departure 
  • Rooms are refreshed with fresh air by opening windows and doors during servicing
  • On arrival, guests are advised that they can opt to have room linen changed daily, or only on request. The same applies to the turn down service, with guests opting to have turn down service, or not. We fully understand that some guests may want less interaction and activity within their room


Food & Beverage 

  • We offer new options for private dining experiences, with menus focusing on wellness options and local produce. 
  • The thorough cleaning and sanitising of all tableware, including menus, place mats and salt and pepper shakers takes place after each use. Menus are available through a digital QR code however a paper copy is available upon request. 
  • Employees have been trained to reduced contact and communication during service and wear face protection when serving guests.
  • Tables in the dining room are placed further apart to ensure a distance of two meters / six feet.
  • Utensils are placed on table once the guest is seated.
  • Personal bar beverages are disinfected.
  • No nuts or open items will be provided in the rooms but are replaced by other amenities.
  • In-room dining is served with all food and drinks covered, and with waiters wearing adequate protection


Spa & Wellness

  • We offer private steam, a plunge pool and hammam upon reservation with the Spa team
  • Access to the Gym-Fitness area is limited to two guests at a time upon reservation
  • Additional hygiene equipment is placed next to fitness equipment, with the addition of employees cleaning it after each use
  • Practitioners wear face masks during treatments and change them after each session
  • Guests will be given the option to wear a facemask during treatments
  • We recommend that all guests shower before any treatment
  • Treatment rooms are cleaned and sterilised between sessions with a special focus on beds, headrests, bathrooms, doors and other high-touch areas
  • Frequently used surfaces are sterilised every hour
  • There is a minimum of a 30-minute turnover time between sessions to allow thorough cleaning of each treatment room
  • The spa lobby is equipped with sanitising amenities



  • All private activities are limited to seven individuals, including driver and/or guide, where applicable
  • Vehicles are sanitised thoroughly before and after each excursion and equipped with wipes and disinfectant
  • The pool chaise longue chairs layout is configured to allow for at least two meters/six feet of separation between guests