Sena Suite

Fireplace in Living Area, Sena Suite - Amangani, Wyoming, USA Sena Suite - Amangani, Wyoming, USA

Opening onto a large private patio, the 72 metre square (780 square feet) Sena Suite has magnificent views of the Teton Range, with ample space to retreat both inside and out. A king-sized bedroom and living room, with working fireplace, as well as bathroom, with deep soaking bathtub, offer a choice of tranquil places to rest. A relaxing window-side daybed and dressing room add a contemporary and stylish feel for guests seeking a little more space.

All stays include

  • Welcome amenities
  • In-room refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Morning coffee and pastries at the Zinc Bar
  • Scheduled wellness classes
  • Shuttle transportation to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort during winter
  • Access to hiking routes and snowshoe trails with complimentary snowshoes during the winter
  • Access to the Amangani Ski Lounge located at the base of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort during winter


  • Teton Range views
  • Expansive patio
  • King-size bed
  • Living area with metal gas-lit fireplace
  • Window-side daybed
  • Woven cowhide chairs in faux-wolf fabric
  • Spacious bathroom with bathtub, twin vanities, dressing room
  • Separate shower/toilet
  • WiFi, TV, DVD, sound system, safe
  • Air conditioning, heating
  • Personal bar

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