Pebble beaches, sandy shores

Aman Sveti Stefan’s three magnificent beaches provide idyllic settings for sunbathing, swimming and water sports in the warm clear waters of the Adriatic. 

A Trio of Beaches at Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro Queen's Beach at Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro Beach at Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Queen's Beach

The pink sandy shoreline of Queen’s Beach curls around an emerald lagoon and is one of the most enchanting locations on Montenegro’s coast. The resort’s Aman Spa is set back from the beach and a variety of non-motorised water sports equipment is available. 

Sveti Stefan Beach 

The pink-pebble curve of Sveti Stefan Beach lies opposite Sveti Stefan Island, extending north and south on either side of the isthmus. It is lined with sun loungers served by Aman Sveti Stefan’s beach team and is open to guests and non-residents. 

King’s Beach  

An exquisite stretch of pink sand backed by Villa Miločer, King’s Beach rests between Sveti Stefan Beach and Queen’s Beach. Open to guests and non-residents, it is accessible by boat from Sveti Stefan, and a pathway through the coastal vegetation to its north leads directly to Queen’s Beach. 

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