Cook the Lagoon

Aman Venice Blue Room

Inspired by Aman Venice’s consultant chef Norbert Niederkofler and his Cook the Mountain philosophy, Cook the Lagoon is a unique tasting menu concept that focuses on sustainable cultivation and farming, with the utmost consideration for the local ecosystem. This fine dining experience is led by Aman Venice’s Executive Chef, who puts a robust accent on local produce, carefully considering their seasonality to create a fresh and nutritious and gastronomic experience.

Aman Venice Blue Room Aman Venice dining Aman Venice dining

A homegrown homage 

Aman’s consultant chef, Norbert Niederkofler has earned international recognition for his three Michelin-starred cuisine at St. Hubertus and his ‘Cook the Mountain’ menu. The menu uses ingredients sourced within the restaurants’ vicinity – a sustainable practice that supports local farmers and food producers. A homage to this method, Aman Venice’s Cook the Lagoon menu, served in the Palazzo’s opulent Blue Room comprises a six or eight-course tasting menu, incorporating the highest-quality local ingredients from Italy’s Veneto region.  


Culinary imagination

Creating a menu with ingredients sourced only from the immediate region is not without its challenges - overcome only by the culinary invention and imagination of the chef. Where commonly used ingredients are unavailable, Chef Matteo and his team find innovative substitutions to balance each dish and achieve the desired flavour elements such as sweetness, saltiness or acidity. This process leads to unusual ingredient combinations that are unique yet pleasing to the palate for example, ale ice-cream, artichoke, smoked chocolate and caramel – a desert that is both delectable and eccentric.  


Wine pairing experience 

To complement the tasting menu, Aman Venice’s Food & Beverage Manager, Alessandro Cerato, is on hand to suggest the perfect wine pairing with each course, taking into consideration the personal tastes of each guest. Wines will be sourced from Aman Venice’s exemplary wine cellar – an extensive and wide-ranging collection from some of the world’s most renowned winemakers.   

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