Into the wild

In the apparent stillness of the Ranthambhore forest, a sudden flash of orange reveals a Bengal tiger roaming among the trees. In the night-quiet jungle of Pamalican Island, at the right moment, an elusive pangolin might be glimpsed as it ventures out in search of ants. On the remote islands of Indonesia, the tiniest flicker of movement can betray the hiding place of a Komodo dragon, lying in wait for its prey. From rare island fauna to resplendent marine ecosystems, Aman destinations offer a personal introduction to the unforgettable wonders of the natural world.

Turtle Tagging at Amanyara

At Amanyara, guests don’t just have opportunities to discover wildlife; they also play an active part in preserving it, thanks to the Amanyara Sea Turtle Initiative. By joining the resort naturalist to flipper-tag the islands’ green and hawksbill turtles, and attach satellite tags to teenage specimens, Aman guests help universities and conservation organisations around the world understand migration patterns, and ensure these beautiful but endangered animals have a future. 


Special Requests

No request is too great and no detail too small. The Aman team is ready to assist both during your stay and before arrival.