Black Truffle Fair​ ​

Black Truffle Fair​ ​

From 20 January to 6 February

Experience the rarest and most coveted of truffles – the winter black truffle – with an exquisite Kusumi duck and black truffle appetiser created by Chef Hiraki as part of a seasonal three to five-course menu.  ​

There is nothing quite like the rich and intense aroma and beautiful marbled look of black truffle – the rarest and most expensive of all due to its scarcity and short season. This year, Arva will be celebrating this most coveted of ingredients with a special three to five-course seasonal menu, the highlight of which will be Chef Hiraki’s new appetizer – a masterpiece of beef tartare, Crespelle or Tuscan crepes, and Ibaraki Kasumi duck breast. Chef Hiraki himself will shave the precious Italian black truffle over the dish at your table – a full sensory experience sure to be a highlight of the New Year.  

Five course: JPY36,000​

Four course: JP30,000​

Three course: Main fish JPY24,000​

Three course: Main pasta JPY21,000​

 *price includes consumption tax and service charge