Aman Tokyo Asian Bites

Aman Tokyo Asian Bites

From 9 June until 10 July 2022

A culinary style favoured by multi-generations, Dim Sum has grown in popularity in recent years, providing a light lunch or evening meal suitable for all occasions. Aman Tokyo’s twist on this Chinese dining tradition, Chef Noguchi has created a unique Asian Bites tasting menu served in The Lounge by Aman and inspired by the changing culinary landscape of the region. ​

Starter dishes include fried spring rolls with Vietnamese style chili oil and Chinese-style egg soup and are followed by choice of mouthwatering main course including sweet, braised pork with stir-fried Takana leaves and steamed shrimp Jiaozi dumplings in a flavourful combination of soy milk and Nam Pla fish sauce. Followed by peach and almond pudding and a premium white tea, the Asian Bites menu can also be served with perfectly paired cocktail for a celebratory occasion. 

7,084 JPY 

*price includes consumption tax and service charge