Lessons in Chinese legend

Discover the unique traditions and history of China on this exclusive, four-stop private jet journey.

From 8 to 20 September, explore the delights of China on a curated private jet tour of the country. The stay takes in four Aman resorts, enriched by local histories and legends, and includes experiences of authentic Chinese traditions and customs. Like the emperors of old, stay in the Aman Summer Palace, adjacent to the world famous palace in Beijing, before moving to the ancient town of Hangzhou to recentre in the spiritual sanctuary of Amanfayun. Take in the awe inspiring vistas from Amandayan in Lijiang, nestled between the mountain tops of the Yulong Mountain Range, and complete the memorable journey with three days on the outskirts of downtown Shanghai in the introspective retreat of Amanyangyun.


Aman Summer Palace, Beijing, China, 8-10 September 2019

Through a hidden gate to the east of Beijing's Summer Palace lies the Aman Summer Palace, meticulously designed to exist in perfect balance alongside the graceful architecture of the former retreat of China’s emperors. From this magnificent location steeped in rich history, explore the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and The Forbidden City, in addition to the bright lights and bustling cosmopolitan city of Beijing.


Amanfayun, Hangzhou, China, 11-13 September 2019

Spend two days in the tranquil surroundings of Amanfayun, surrounded by tea plantations and bamboo groves. As a spiritual sanctuary informed by Chinese tradition and Buddhist monastic culture, this is a secluded resort that sits along the centuries old Fayun Pathway. Located a short drive from the ancient city of Hangzhou, take a boat trip on the vast West Lake, explore the traditions of the gilded ‘Soul’s Retreat’ Temple or enjoy the panoramic views of the city of Hangzhou from the Leifeng Pagoda.


Amandayan, Lijiang, China, 14-16 September 2019

Tucked away between the mountaintops above the Old Town of Lijiang, Amandayan was built in the style of the traditional architectural of the Nakhi people, centred around a series of peaceful courtyards. From this serene retreat, enjoy a Panda Keeper experience, and explore the winding cobbled streets of the Old Town and the legend of the Tiger Leaping Gorge in a neighbouring valley.


Amanyangyun, Shanghai, China, 17-20 September 2019

Surrounded by sacred camphor woodland, Amanyangyun is made up of a series of historic dwellings, complemented by contemporary architecture more commonly associated with Shanghai. This private jet journey concludes with time in the beautiful Zhangjiajie National Park and three days in the peaceful outskirts of Shanghai. Explore the art scene, traditional sights, gardens and temples around the city with an expert guide, or take in the delights at your own speed.


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