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Naturally inspired serenity

Our experience of time is transformed when we step outside our everyday lives and into the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Urban settings are alive with energy, whereas nature slows the pace, encouraging us to focus on the moment and appreciate the timeless majesty of mountain and ocean, jungle and plain. Aman’s destinations in the Americas are designed to be direct and sincere response to their natural surroundings – from the stark, otherworldly spectacle of the Utah desert and the aquamarine splendour of the Caribbean Sea to the ambition and dynamism of Manhattan.
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Our Central Reservations team is also available via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Tel: (65) 6715 8855 (Singapore)

Tel: (1) 754 216 7830 (USA)

Contemplation is the highest form of activity

Exterior view of Amangiri, Utah, USA

Amangiri, Southern Utah

Here in the deep southwest, the silence is profound. The deserts of Southern Utah form a landscape naturally conducive to contemplation, with towering mesas and rock formations harking back to an age before human time – primeval history writ large. The challenge faced by the architects of Amangiri was creating something that belonged in this remarkable place – somewhere that paid fitting tribute to the traditions of the Navajo and to an ancient world of stone, sand and light. Rock archways coax guests into private sanctuaries and screened courtyards through chameleon-toned architecture that evokes the region’s spectacular slot canyons. Angular and minimalist, the cast-concrete buildings appear like frozen blocks of sand – almost as though they have been extracted from the desert, not built upon it.

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Opening 21 May 2020
Amangani USA exterior resort view snow capped mountains

Amangani, Jackson Hole

With an elevation of 2,135 metres (7,000 feet), Amangani, meaning ‘peaceful home’, lies on the wandering paths of moose and elk, promising endless opportunities for spotting the region’s abundant wildlife in and around the flourishing national parks of Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

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Opening 1 June 2020
Amanyara - Beach seclusion

Amanyara, Turks & Caicos

Open to the elements, amid 100 acres of wild nature, the timber-shingled pavilions of Amanyara bask in the breezes that roll in off the ocean. Revered architect Jean-Michel Gathy designed this Asian-inspired resort as an homage to its surroundings – a place to admire the splendour of the island and the sea. The simplicity and modesty of the architecture is harmoniously interspersed with moments of drama and spectacle: the sunlight bouncing off onyx ponds; the conical roof of the bar soaring skyward; the 50m swimming pool presiding over the rugged clifftop… The coast invites exploration, on shore and off. Step outside the everyday and look at the world in a new light, with a guided eco-hike among the flora of the forest shores. 

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Opening 24 July 2020
Amanera casita withy a view out to the ocean

Amanera, Dominican Republic

Water is intrinsic to the design of Amanera; it is even reflected in its name – ‘era’ means water in Taíno, the language once spoken by the indigenous people of the Caribbean. Here on the sparsely populated northern shore of the Dominican Republic, a 2,000-acre swathe of jungle stretches along seven miles of unbroken coastline, pristine and all but untouched. The resplendence of nature reveals itself at every turn, and the clifftop Casitas are designed to embrace it, with panoramic ocean views and biodiverse roofs that cultivate green gardens, transforming Amanera into an extension of the emerald landscape that surrounds it.

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Opening 1 July 2020
Aman New York

Aman New York

Later this year, Aman introduces its first urban sanctuary to the Americas. The Crown Building has stood beside Central Park at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street for a hundred years – a monument to a gilded age of Beaux Arts architecture.

With some of the largest rooms and suites in Manhattan, a three-storey Aman Spa, several restaurants and a 10th-floor wraparound garden terrace overlooking the restorative greenery of the park, Aman New York is an entire resort is one iconic building. While the inimitable buzz of the Big Apple echoes around the streets outside; inside is the unbroken serenity of an Aman island retreat. An enclave of tranquillity in the world’s most dynamic city.

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Opening 2021

New and upcoming

Amanyara vial with infinity pool pointing out over the private beach

Privacy, seclusion and space

For families and friends, Aman’s Villas offer an idyllic balance of privacy, seclusion and personal service. From the astonishing desert dwellings of Amangiri’s Mesa Home, the clifftop setting of Amanera's Casa and the mountain-view stone hideaways of Amangani in the Midwest to the oceanfront Villas of Amanyara in Turks & Caicos, these architecturally ambitious retreats are designed to accommodate groups large and small – true homes from home in some of the most spectacular settings in the Americas.

Amanyara’s world below the waves

Providenciales is fringed by multicoloured reefs teeming with life – discover this thriving underwater ecosystem by scuba or freediving, taught by Amanyara’s resident professional, or paddle-board among the red mangroves of Frenchman’s Creek. With a coral-restoration programme in place to allow guests to help preserve the beauty of the reef and a marine biologist on hand to unlock the secrets of the sea, Amanyara is an exceptional destination for those seeking to explore – and preserve – the life aquatic.

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Woman receiving a massage at the Aman Spa

Holistic healing retreats in the Caribbean

Take three days out of everyday life to focus on boosting the immune system and improving wellbeing. In Turks & Caicos, Amanyara offers transformative holistic wellness programme built on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine – clearing the mind and restore the body through a personalised itinerary of spa therapies, movement and meditation. Beside the Dominican Republic’s golden shores, Amanera pays tribute to the healing traditions of the Taíno people, weaving rituals and remedies to purify and renew.

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Our Central Reservations team is also available via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Tel: (65) 6715 8855 (Singapore)

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