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Achieving balance between mind, body and spirit is the common goal of many of the world’s wellbeing philosophies, from Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Aman approach to wellness shares the holistic outlook of these ancient systems, focusing on instilling harmony between all aspects of the self. When we neglect the health of the body, our mind can lose clarity and our emotions become turbulent. In this time of instability, taking care of our physical selves is integral to finding mental strength and maintaining a sense of calm. Here, Aman wellness practitioners worldwide share favoured recipes for health-boosting tonics, soups and teas, as well as self-massage techniques and movement practices to maintain fitness at home.
Thank you for your enquiry

An Aman representative will contact you shortly.

Our Central Reservations team is also available via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Tel: (65) 6715 8855 (Singapore)

Tel: (1) 754 216 7830 (USA)


Self-care and massage

Amanzoe’s acupuncturist and bodywork expert Zoe Nash understands the value of touch. She offers tips on facial and fascia massages, auricular acupuncture and reflexology to help sustain a healthy digestive system and lower blood pressure.

Facial massage relaxes the nervous system, eases the mind, lifts mood and relieves the many tension-holding muscles of the face. Gently rub the temples with fingertips in a circular motion, then press and massage the jawline in small circles for a minute or so until a feeling of relaxation sets in.

With many of us more sedentary right now, massaging the belly can be a great way to keep the digestive system moving. Always do this on an empty stomach (maybe before bed or on waking). Gently rub a little massage oil on to the abdomen, then massage clockwise, up the right side of the stomach, into the ribs, across to the left ribs, and down the left side, into the middle and down. Follow this motion, pausing to work longer in areas of tightness. Breathe out any tension as the massage progresses; this will all help promote peristalsis and stimulate a sluggish colon.

A foot massage with aromatherapy oil before bed can have different benefits. The pulse points on our soles are where essential oils are absorbed most easily. The sweet spot is the ‘kidney point’, two-thirds up from the heel, right in the middle, soft part of the bottom of the foot. Mood-lifting peppermint is thought to help with headaches. Lavender relaxes the mind and promotes better sleep. Fennel is a friend to our digestive system and can ease overthinking minds.’

Kundalini energy boost

Kundalini yoga is celebrated for enhancing physical and spiritual energy through movement, breathing techniques, meditation, chanting and in this practice it is believed that disease resistance can be improved by keeping digestion functioning well and the metabolism in balance. Shyam Goyal, spa manager of Amanoi in Vietnam, recommends devoting 10–20 minutes to practice, setting a stopwatch for 1–3 minutes for each of these four exercises. For those who wish to play music, Snatam Kaur’s Mul Mantra is ideal for helping focus. Begin by sitting on the heels.

Pumping the stomach — stimulates digestion and kundalini energy. Stretch arms straight up over head with palms pressed together. Inhale and gently hold the breath; then pump the stomach by forcefully expelling air through the nose, drawing the navel in toward the spine, then relaxing. Continue in a rhythmic motion until you feel the need to exhale last bit of air. Inhale slowly and deeply and begin again. Continue for 1–3 minutes, ending with a final exhalation.

Bear grip — opens your heart, works the thymus gland. Place hands in the bear grip at the chest level with your right palm facing the chest and linked with the left hand so the left thumb faces down, with forearms parallel with the ground. Inhale. Hold breath, and pull them apart with maximum force without separating hands. Exhale. Inhale and pull again.

Sitting bends — improves digestion and spinal flexibility. Interlock fingers behind neck, beneath any loose hair and inhale. Exhale and bend forward, touching your forehead to the ground (or as far as you can stretch). Inhale and sit up again.

Alternate shoulder shrugs – release tension, especially for laptop users. Shrug the shoulders as high as possible, keeping the head still. While inhaling, lift the left shoulder, as the right shoulder goes down. Then reverse on the exhale, lifting the right shoulder and lowering the left.

Serenity in the stars

The influence of the moon on human emotion and behaviour has long been a part of belief systems across the world, and changing lunar phases have been believed to be responsible for everything from sleeping patterns to our powers of creativity and our feelings of peace. For those seeking a route to personal restoration in the months and years to come, Amanera hosts a holistic retreat combining the ancient herbal traditions of the Caribbean’s Taíno people and the healing power of lunar forces. The retreat is available until 2022, but in this interim of isolation, Amanera’s wellbeing specialist Pilar Fernandez shares the insights into how we can tune into the phases of the moon, letting its natural cycles optimise both our meditation practice and our nutritional habits.

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Nourish the skin

Our hands are the parts of the body we use the most, so caring for them couldn’t be more important. Washing the hands frequently can take its toll on the skin, leaving them dry and cracked. Aman Skincare’s Nourishing family of organic formulations can help rehydrate skin cells. Containing a blend of murumuru seed and shea butter, Sacred Heart Balm restores radiance to tired skin, while the natural fragrances of tuberose and frangipani help dissolve tension.

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Home-made body-boosters from Aman nutritionists

Jamu health tonics

This herbal pick-me-up has been the go-to for boosting the immune system in Bali and Java for centuries thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Here, Pak Sofyan and Ibu Onet of Amandari share a recipe for this prized healing elixir.

Rasam soup 

From the kitchen of Aman-I-Khas, this tamarind-based broth from south India is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, beloved by those wishing to ward off colds.

Warming Chai tea

Blended from a rainbow of Indian spices, masala chai warms the heart, settles the spirit, and benefits wellbeing. Amanbagh’s brew contains anti-inflammatory ginger, cardamom to aid digestion, cinnamon and antibacterial clove, combined with the natural caffeine and antioxidant boost of black tea.


It is impossible to heal the body, without healing the soul