Aman for all seasons

With 31 destinations scattered across the globe, Aman has an escape for the sun chaser and the winter adventurer alike. Whether you prefer to grasp opportunities to getaway as they arise, or to look ahead to the months to come, a unique opportunity awaits.

Seize the summer

The most thrilling adventures are often the unplanned, last-minute ones. For those seeking the heady combination of sunshine and spontaneity, or keen to not let the summer slip away, many Aman destinations are now enjoying the best of the year’s weather.

Easy living on Bodrum's beaches

Surrounded by the azure Aegean, the Bodrum Peninsula makes up Turkey’s southwestern tip, with its beautiful scalloped coastline and lush pine forests carpeting the hillsides. Although Anatolia enjoys year-round warmth, the temperatures soar between June and September, averaging 35ºC and making the waters around Amanruya a swimmer’s paradise. A gentle sea breeze tempers the heat and clears the air — ideal conditions for water sports, or private cruises around the coastline on the resort’s elegant wooden gulets.

An oasis of calm

In the months of July and August, Shanghai and its surroundings bask in the warmest weather of the year. The camphor-tree canopy of Amanyangyun’s ancient forest setting provides welcome shade from the summer heat: dappled patches of sunlight trickle through the trees, creating a soothing, tranquil atmosphere. This peaceful sanctuary is the perfect refuge from the rapid pace of the city, tailor-made for summertime spa retreats, with the Aman Spa’s holistic ethos encompassing extensive thermal facilities, two swimming pools, and a large yoga and Pilates studio overlooking a reflection pond.

Hot springs and ryokan rituals

On the shores of Ago Bay, Amanemu’s rustic ryokan-inspired retreat is where Japan’s ancient hospitality ritual finds its contemporary expression. Mineral-rich waters from a natural hot spring enable guests to embrace the tradition of onsen bathing – while nourishment in culinary form reflects a region famed for rare delicacies. Surrounded by Unesco pilgrim trails, sacred forests and the diving culture of the pearl-rich Pacific, here, rejuvenative retreats are imbued with a deeper cultural sensibility.

Snow season in Wyoming

Late autumn sees the first snows start to settle around Jackson Hole; the elk begin their journey down the slopes to winter in the lowlands and the Wyoming skies fill with migrating birds. By December, the snow in the mountains can be up to 3 metres deep

Special Requests

No request is too great and no detail too small. The Aman team is ready to assist both during your stay and before arrival.